July 6, 2022

PlayCo revised artist compensation policy featured in NYT

Image credit: Deena So Oteh, The New York Times

When Paying Dues Doesn’t Pay the Rent, How Does the Theater Survive?

Founding Producer Kate Loewald and Executive Producer (then-Managing Director) Robert G. Bradshaw spoke to Jesse Green at the New York Times about how PlayCo is approaching pay equity post-pandemic closures.

PlayCo's new artist compensation policy places "every job in a clearly defined and equalized pay category: A stage director is compensated at the same rate as Loewald and Bradshaw, a staff associate director at the same rate as a freelance costume designer. Because all the categories are “transparent,” everyone knows what everyone’s making, which in almost all cases is more than before. (The exception is Loewald, who took a cut.) Based on an estimate of 250 hours of work, directors formerly paid $3,500 will now be paid $7,100."

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